Resuscitation Council (UK)

About us

How we are funded

Transparency is important to us at Resuscitation Council (UK), especially when it comes to where our money comes from and how we’re spending it.

We are largely funded through our courses. Each year, these courses see over 135,000 healthcare professions learn high-quality, evidence-based, resuscitation training.

We receive a registration fee and also a fee for the course manual every time a course is booked. These manuals are heavily discounted for the course attendees, but we also sell full-price manuals for those not attending a course. 

For our ILS and PILS courses, we receive a yearly subscription fee from the centre running the courses, plus the cost of the manuals for those attending the courses.

A small portion of our funding comes from subscriptions to our membership, which we receive annually. We also receive royalties for the overseas use of our ALS courses, and a small amount of our income comes from running our annual Science Symposium. 

Occasionally, we receive one-off donations, such as legacy benefits. 

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