Applications open to join Executive Committee

We have five positions available to join our Executive Committee, which are open to applications from RCUK Full Members. 

We are looking for applications from Full RCUK Members who have made a significant contribution to resuscitation and who are passionate about helping us further the organisation’s aims and objectives. 

It’s an exciting time to join RCUK’s Executive Committee as you would make a key contribution to helping us achieve our ambitious vision to 2030. By 2030: 

  • everyone should receive appropriate cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) treatment in clinical and care settings, underpinned by the comprehensive availability of appropriate clinical guidance, training and life-long learning
  • survival rates for cardiac arrests should match world-leading comparators
  • everyone affected by involvement in a cardiac arrest and the provision of resuscitation receives appropriate, personalised support
  • resuscitation has become a mechanism to reduce social inequalities, not another measure of them. 

What we’re looking for 

Roles and responsibilities 

  • Provide leadership where change is required as a result of clinical practice or guideline development. 
  • Deliver the clinical expertise required by the Trustees to enable RCUK to achieve its objectives and aims. 
  • Provide expert advice to RCUK about resuscitation matters. 
  • Provide advice within the member’s own area of expertise. 
  • Participate in the writing of Guidelines.  
  • Participate in the authorship of Quality Standards as appropriate to expertise. 
  • Represent RCUK on external working groups appropriate to expertise and role with agreement of the President and organisation. 
  • Review and comment on documents and statements within agreed and appropriate timescales as requested by the organisation.   
  • Identify and delegate responsibility for meeting strategic aims to the appropriate Subcommittee. 
  • Approve changes to Subcommittee responsibilities/roles. 
  • Provide safe but professional forum for discussion for resuscitation issues. 
  • Ensure that inclusion and diversity are always considered when developing Guidelines, Quality Standards and statements, evaluating our work or representing RCUK on external working groups.  
  • Ensure any conflict of interest is declared annually and at meetings when necessary. 
  • Attend Executive Committee meetings and the AGM. 

How to apply 

You need to have a  valid Full Membership, which was purchased or renewed on or before Friday 20 August 2021, in order to apply for this role. 

To apply, please download and complete the application form

Because it is important to us that our Executive Committee reflects the diverse health and social care community and wider society, we’re also asking applicants to complete a diversity and inclusion monitoring form. The information will not be used during the application and election process, but the information you provide will help us understand if we are reaching a diverse group of candidates. 

Please send both completed forms to

The deadline for applications is 5pm on Friday, 1 October. 

Should we receive more applications than vacant seats we will run an election process through the Electoral reform service for ratification at the Annual General Meeting in December. 

For more information about these positions, please contact Sue Hampshire (Director of Clinical and Service Development) – or by phone 0207 391 0711.

About the Executive Committee 

The Executive Committee is an integral part of the RCUK team, and its members help ensure that everything we do is underpinned by expertise. The Executive Committee advises the Board of Trustees on their wide experience and expertise in a wide range of settings including (but not limited to) primary care, the ambulance service, emergency and acute hospital medicine, intensive care medicine, anaesthesia, cardiology, the community response following out of hospital cardiac arrest and end-of-life care. 

Membership of the Executive Committee is a voluntary role within Resuscitation Council UK. The elected members will have extensive expertise and vision in resuscitation and/or specialist expertise to assist RCUK to further its aims and objectives.  

Elected members serve an initial term of three years and no more than nine years. At the end of every three years, they must stand for re-election. 

The Executive Committee meets three times a year. It is expected that members will attend all Executive meetings, either in person or virtually. Dates for these meetings are circulated as far in advance as possible. 

A maximum of 28 seats are available on the Executive Committee, twelve of whom are elected. Elections are normally held each year unless there are no vacant seats and a call for applications is extended to all full members. If an election process is needed, an external provider is contracted to run the process.