Resuscitation Council (UK)


Isabelle Hamilton-Bower

Adam Benson

Linda Steel

Crystal Govender


 Geraldine Zake
Executive Assistant
 Tom Borland
 Dami Daramola
ALS Co-ordinator
 Helen Keen
ALS Co-ordinator
 Jessica Ayo
ALS Assistant
 Karla Wright
ILS Co-ordinator
 Karen Cooper
EPALS/PILS Co-ordinator
 Cheryl Marasigan
NLS/ARNI Co-ordinator
 Mark Sedge
GIC/FEEL Co-ordinator
 Kevin Whitely
Finance Assistant
 Catherine Baldock
ReSPECT Manager
 Jason Carlyon
Restart a Heart Day Manager
 Rachel Warren
Policy Officer

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Guidance on Conflicts Of Interest

Guidance on Conflicts Of Interest
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Created: 24 March 2017
Last Modified: 24 March 2017