Standardisation of the 'Crash' Call Number - 2222

The Resuscitation Council along with other professional groups has been working with the National Patient Safety Agency to standardise the telephone number used to summon the Resuscitation Team throughout all NHS Acute Trusts in England and Wales.

NPSA research showed that many different numbers were currently in use and it was agreed that a standard number for use in all NHS Acute Trusts was essential. It is hoped that this change will avoid the confusion that can arise when staff move from one hospital to another and should ensure that all healthcare professionals are clear what the 'crash' call number is, regardless of where they are working.

As a result of the consultation, the NPSA issued a Patient Safety Alert on 24th February 2004 advising standardisation to the number 2222.

Full details of the alert can be obtained from the National Patient Safety Agency website -

Dr David Gabbott
March 2004

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