Resuscitation Council (UK)


Guidelines 2000

Archived 2000 Resuscitation Guidelines are provided below for reference purposes. Each document is clearly marked as having been superseded by the 2005 Guidelines, which in turn have been superseded by the current 2010 Guidelines, published on 18 October 2010.

Introduction  Robert Bingham

Adult Basic Life Support  Anthony Handley    
Adult Basic Life Support algorithm

The use of Automated External Defibrillators    Anthony Handley, Tom Evans   
AED algorithm

Adult Advanced Life Support  Jerry Nolan  
Advanced Life Support algorithm

Paediatric Basic Life Support  Barbara Phillips
Paediatric Basic Life Support algorithm

Paediatric Advanced Life Support  Barbara Phillips
Paediatric Advanced Life Support algorithm

Newborn Life Support  Sam Richmond, Jonathan Wyllie
Newborn Life Support algorithm 

Please note that throughout these Guidelines the masculine is used to denote the masculine or feminine.

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