Resuscitation Council (UK)


Learning outcomes for use of an AED

On completion of training in the use of an AED the participant should be able to demonstrate the sequence of actions and skills required to use an AED during the simulated resuscitation of an adult victim who has suffered a cardiac arrest. This should be assessed during or at the end of the training, using a simulated incident and a resuscitation training manikin.

Use of an AED consists of the following sequence of actions:

  1. Check for risks to the victim, any bystanders, and yourself
  2. Assess the victim to be unresponsive and not breathing normally
  3. Send someone for the AED and to call for an ambulance
  4. Start CPR unless AED is immediately available
  5. Switch on the AED and attach the AED pads
  6. Follow the AED voice prompts
  7. Ensure nobody touches the victim whilst the rhythm is being analysed
  8. Safely deliver a shock to the victim
  9. Resume CPR immediately, as guided by the voice prompts, starting with chest compressions
  10. Minimise interruptions in chest compression
  11. Continue as directed by voice / visual prompts

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