Resuscitation Council (UK)

Making a donation


Donating to RC (UK):

Thank you for considering making a donation. Our primary aim is to save lives by educating healthcare providers and the public in resuscitation. We do this by developing the guidelines for resuscitation for adults, children and the newborn, developing training courses and encouraging research into methods of resuscitation.

All donations are gratefully received and will be used to help fund projects such as Lifesaver, a free interactive live-action film that teaches you how to save a life.


You can make a donation by cheque. Please make it payable to 'Resuscitation Council (UK)' and post it to:

      Resuscitation Council (UK)
      5th Floor
      Tavistock House North
      Tavistock Square
      WC1H 9HR

A regular donation or Legacy

Please contact us at the above address or by emailing and we will be able to help you arrange this.

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