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The Resuscitation Council (UK) Immediate Life Support (ILS) course was launched in 2002. It was developed in response to a demand from healthcare professionals who may have to act as first responders and treat patients in cardiac arrest until the arrival of a cardiac arrest team.

Each year, on average, 11,000 courses are held and 100,000 healthcare professionals are trained.

Who is this course suitable for?
The ILS course is suitable for doctors, medical students, nurses, nursing students, midwives, healthcare providers such as physiotherapists, dentist and ambulance technicians. It may also be suitable for fire service technicians, police personnel and prison officers.

Learning outcomes
The ILS course teaches the knowledge and skills to:

  • identify the causes and promote the prevention of cardiopulmonary arrest;
  • recognise and treat the deteriorating patient using the ABCDE approach;
  • undertake the skills of quality CPR and defibrillation (manual and /or AED) and simple airway manoeuvres;
  • utilise non-technical skills to facilitate initial leadership and effective team membership

Course structure
e-ILS courses are held at centres throughout the UK and are approved and certified by the Resuscitation Council (UK). This ensures a uniformity of content and standard regardless of the centre.

The e-ILS course is a half-day e-learning and half-day face-to-face and consists of skills stations and cardiac arrest simulations. 

Assessment and Certification
Assessment is continuous and is guided by the assessment forms provided for each core skill (e.g. initial resuscitation and assessment, and airway management). Copies of the assessment forms should be forwarded to the candidate with their manual.

Successful candidates receive a Resuscitation Council (UK) ILS provider certificate, which is valid for one year. The ILS course is recognised for up to 5 continuing professional development (CPD) points.

Pre-course preparation
The manual is sent to candidates two weeks before the start of the course. Candidates are expected to have prepared for the course by reading the manual and completing the pre-course MCQ. Some centres may send candidates an MCQ paper which supports candidate learning.


Course regulations

ILS courses are held throughout the year at centres across the UK. To apply, candidates should search for a course centre below then contact them directly for application details.

Course fees are decided locally by the course centre. For further information on any aspect of the course, please contact the ILS Co-ordinator using our Ticketing System.


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