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Information for ALS Instructors


ALS Instructors are required to teach on at least four courses in four years, ideally spaced out over the 4-year period. It is recommended that one of these should be outside their home centre.

Teaching on the 1-day recertification course or the e-ALS course is equivalent to one full course. One course in every two years can be a Generic Instructor Course (GIC).

Instructor resources on the LMS

Course materials are updated in response to changes in practice, NICE guidelines and research. The RC (UK) recommends that instructors access the course materials on the LMS prior to a course.

Your Instructor status

Your LMS profile also records information regarding your Instructor status:
  • Your teaching history: all courses you attended and the capacity in which you attended
  • Your certificate: you can download your current Instructor certificate(s) which include the expiry date.

Finding centres that require faculty

You can search for upcoming courses below then contact the centre(s) directly to request a place on their faculty. All arrangements, including programmes, start and finish times, travel directions, accommodation and faculty meals (if appropriate) will be managed by the centre.

IPs and ICs

IPs are encouraged to attend a Generic Instructor Course (GIC) as soon as practicable; you can enrol on the GIC LMS.

ICs can use the search below to identify courses on which to undertake your teaching practices. There are limited IC places and it is important to identify yourself as an IC to ensure you receive appropriate mentorship. In preparation for the course please familiarise yourself with the course materials (see above) and take your GIC logbook with you.



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Find centres that require faculty

TownCourse CentreStart date
BirminghamQueen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham11 December 2019
BirminghamQueen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham10 December 2019
BirminghamSandwell & West Birmingham...09 September 2019
BirminghamSandwell & West Birmingham...06 December 2019
BlackpoolBlackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS...13 June 2019
BlackpoolBlackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS...07 November 2019
BlackpoolBlackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS...19 November 2019
BlackpoolBlackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS...05 December 2019
BlackpoolBlackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS...18 October 2019
BurtonQueens Hospital12 September 2019

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The Instructor process

The Instructor process
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