1. Public Resource

    A page for public resources, including how to do CPR, how to use a defibrillator, what the ReSPECT process is, DNACPR decisions, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation decision making, case studies, sharing your story and Lifesaver - the interactive game in a film which teaches users what to do in an emergency and how to save a life.

  2. Privacy policy

  3. Ask a question

  4. Additional guidance

    Guidance on a range of topics not covered in the 2015 guidelines.

  5. Quality Standards

    Standards - including minimum equipment and drug lists - for healthcare organisations to follow to provide a high-quality resuscitation service.

  6. Equipment used in homebirth

    An equipment list for use by those delivering resuscitation care for homebirths.

  7. Our vision for 2020 and beyond

    Dr James Cant CEO outlines what’s in store for Resuscitation Council UK in the coming years.

  8. RCUK drive first-aid strategy with Scottish Parliament

    Members of Resuscitation Council UK’s team took part in a 2019 roundtable meeting to put CPR on the agenda.

  9. Resuscitation Council UK welcomes new CEO

    Dr James Cant joins RCUK as CEO, bringing with him extensive experience and a drive to save more lives.

  10. Resuscitation greats honoured at room opening ceremony

    The families of Peter Baskett and Sam Richmond opened two new meeting rooms dedicated to the pair at Resuscitation Council UK's office.