1. Guidelines: Introduction

    A look at how RCUK's 2015 Guidelines were developed, including details of key changes, essential references and a list of abbreviations used.

  2. Quality Standards

    Standards - including minimum equipment and drug lists - for healthcare organisations to follow to provide a high-quality resuscitation service.

  3. Guidelines: Paediatric advanced life support

    Guidelines for treating children who require advanced life support, including treatment interventions, reversible causes and decision making.

  4. Guidelines Paediatric basic life support

    Guidelines for healthcare professionals and the general public on giving CPR to a child in cardiac arrest.

  5. Guidelines: Prevention of cardiac arrest and decisions about CPR

    A detailed review of the importance of recognition and prevention of cardiac arrest, including strategies for prevention and decision making.

  6. Air/oxygen blenders and pulse oximetry in resuscitation at birth

    Detailed information on air/oxygen blenders and pulse oximetry in resuscitation at birth. Authored by Sam Richmond, 2011.

  7. Equipment used in homebirth

    An equipment list for use by those delivering resuscitation care for homebirths.

  8. Quality Standards: Mental health inpatient care

    Quality Standards for cardiopulmonary resuscitation practice and training in settings that deliver mental healthcare.

  9. Quality Standards: Primary care equipment and drug lists

    Equipment and drug lists for use in Primary Care settings.

  10. Quality Standards: Primary dental care equipment list

    Lists of the minimum equipment required for cardiopulmonary resuscitation in primary dental care.