1. Statement on ReSPECT’s impact on reducing potentially avoidable emergency admissions from care homes

    A report by the Improvement Analytics Unit and Health Foundation saw that reducing emergency admissions could be good for care homes.

  2. RCUK’s response to research stating women are less likely than men to be resuscitated and survive a cardiac arrest

    Research published in the European Heart Journal indicates that women are less likely to receive bystander CPR, reducing their survival rates.

  3. A statement on anaphylactic guidelines

    Following a recent coroner’s report, Resuscitation Council UK comments on their guidance on anaphylaxis for healthcare professionals.

  4. RCUK Statement on PHE PPE Guidance

    Resuscitation Council UK outline their stance on PPE during COVID-19.

  5. Life-saving charity supports returning NHS staff with free clinical training

    RCUK is providing free online training to the thousands of former clinicians returning to NHS frontlines during the COVID-19 crisis.

  6. Statement: COVID-19 Family discussions and Clinical decision-making

    RCUK discusses the important of CPR decision-making for the general public and healthcare professionals in light of COVID-19.

  7. Be a ‘Lockdown Lifesaver’ - Charity releases urgent COVID-19 update

    RCUK have issued updated COVID-19 guidance for those who need to perform CPR in an out of hospital situation. They are urging people to familiarise themselves with these key skills in case they need to help a loved one in need.

  8. RCUK Press statement in response to concerns about emergency decision making

    In light of COVID-19, Resuscitation Council UK emphasise their stance on CPR decision-making.

  9. COVID-19 Resources: Decision Making

    Resources to support healthcare professionals and the general public thinking about CPR decision-making during COVID-19.

  10. Share your story

    Share your story with Resuscitation Council UK. We want to hear stories about CPR and resuscitation that could encourage others to learn essential CPR skills.