1. Crystal-test

  2. e-Lifesaver

    Guarantee your workplace knows what to do in an emergency with this SCORM-compliant CPR learning tool.

  3. Restart A Heart Day

    Join RCUK this October by learning how to restart a heart with essential CPR skills.

  4. RCUK welcomes Northern Ireland commitment to CPR training in schools

    Resuscitation Council UK is delighted that post-primary pupils in Northern Ireland will have access to CPR training, as announced by Northern Ireland Education Minister Michelle McIlveen on 20 September.

  5. Register your interest in e-Lifesaver

  6. Emergency treatment of anaphylactic reactions: Guidelines for healthcare providers

    Guidance for healthcare providers who may deal with an anaphylactic reaction. It describes the recognition and treatment of an anaphylactic reaction including the delivery of drugs for treatment.

  7. ReSPECT for Patients and Carers

    The ReSPECT process creates a personalised recommendation for your clinical care in emergency situations where you are not able to make decisions or express your wishes.

  8. ReSPECT for healthcare professionals

    With ReSPECT, healthcare professionals are able to help patients create personalised recommendation for clinical care for use in emergency situations.