1. Be a ‘Lockdown Lifesaver’ - Charity releases urgent COVID-19 update

    RCUK have issued updated COVID-19 guidance for those who need to perform CPR in an out of hospital situation. They are urging people to familiarise themselves with these key skills in case they need to help a loved one in need.

  2. COVID-19 Resources: Paediatrics

    Resources and statements by RCUK for those managing paediatric resuscitation during COVID-19.

  3. Resuscitation Council UK Statement on COVID-19 in relation to CPR and resuscitation in Paediatrics

    This statement supports those providing paediatric resuscitation during COVID-19.

  4. COVID-19 Resources: Newborn Life Support

    Resources to support those providing newborn life support during COVID-19.

  5. RCUK Press statement in response to concerns about emergency decision making

    In light of COVID-19, Resuscitation Council UK emphasise their stance on CPR decision-making.

  6. COVID-19 Resources: Decision Making

    Resources to support healthcare professionals and the general public thinking about CPR decision-making during COVID-19.

  7. COVID-19 Journalist Resources

    Resources and press releases for journalists covering resuscitation stories during COVID-19.

  8. In memoriam

    RCUK remembers those from the resuscitation community who have passed away during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  9. Newborn Life Support

    Resuscitation Council UK's range of newborn courses, designed to support newborn resuscitation.

  10. Share your story

    Share your story with Resuscitation Council UK. We want to hear stories about CPR and resuscitation that could encourage others to learn essential CPR skills.