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  2. CPR to become part of English school curriculum

    After campaigning by organisations including Resuscitation Council UK, we’re pleased to announce that pupils will learn CPR at schools in England from 2020.

  3. Charity urges Hammers to take advantage of free CPR training after fan’s matchday collapse

    Resuscitation Council UK held a training event for West Ham fans in honour of supporter Danny Bygraves, who suffered a cardiac arrest in 2019.

  4. Charities urge public to learn CPR as research shows adults unlikely to attempt CPR without training

    A new study shows that people who haven’t had CPR training are less likely to help someone who’s collapsed, highlighting the importance of training events such as Restart a Heart.

  5. ReSPECT: Frequently asked questions on version 3 for adopters

  6. RCUK Statement on COVID-19 Guidance for Bystander CPR

  7. How we save lives

    How we save lives … How we save lives …

  8. How to save lives with CPR

    Information about how to perform lifesaving CPR on a person in cardiac arrest.

  9. Example Campaign 1

  10. Lifesaver learning

    Resuscitation Council UK’s interactive training tool Lifesaver is a cutting-edge way to learn lifesaving skills anytime, anywhere.