1. Statement on the training required to use an AED

    A 2009 statement from Resuscitation Council UK that outlines our stance on using an AED with or without training.

  2. A statement on AEDS on Aircraft

    RCUK discuss whether AEDS are needed to protect passengers on aircraft.

  3. A consensus statement on AED cabinets

    This consensus statement outlines our stance on keeping AED cabinets locked or unlocked, and the reasons why.

  4. 230,000 new lifesavers trained thanks to Restart a Heart 2018

    230,000 people learned CPR during Restart a Heart 2018, ensuring they know what to do if they witness a cardiac arrest.

  5. Lifesaver: Saving Lives

    Resuscitation Council UK’s interactive CPR training game Lifesaver helped Adam save the life of a bystander.

  6. The NHS at 70

    In honour of the 70th birthday of the NHS in 2018, Resuscitation Council UK reflect on the things that make the institution truly great.

  7. Sister, Mother, Lifesaver

    10 year-old sports fanatic Amelia was doing a cross-country run when she suffered a cardiac arrest. Luckily, Mum Jo was there to save her life.

  8. Trainee doctor races for CPR education

    Anaesthetics trainee Dr Robert Golding is combining his love of medicine and motorsport to highlight the need for a speedy response when someone suffers a cardiac arrest. 

  9. Medical student uses in-hospital skills at home

    Just two weeks after learning Basic Life Support at medical school, Dhiraj Patel found himself needing to use his new skills in his own home.

  10. Swanage defibrillator partnership helps to keep Dorset safe

    Residents of Swanage, Dorset are equipped to help in an emergency thanks to a defibrillator initiative that has placed AEDs across the town.