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For Restart a Heart week, we wanted something exciting and eye-catching to help teach the public how to do CPR and raise awareness of this lifesaving skill.

That’s why we’ve worked with Sex Education star Connor Swindells to demonstrate how to perform CPR – on a manikin model of himself.

The 26-year-old confidently explains how to keep yourself safe and begin chest compressions if you see someone in a state of cardiac arrest - when a person’s heart stops beating. 

It comes after research found 74% of people have learned how to perform CPR – but only 44% feel confident in performing it if someone was in a life-threatening situation.  

Dr James Cant, chief executive at Resuscitation Council UK, said:

“Connor’s involvement in our campaign will help spread awareness of how easy it is to learn CPR.

The survey results are encouraging in the sense that there’s a large amount of people in the UK who know how to perform CPR, but there’s a long way to go in getting more people engaged and feeling confident they can make a difference if needed.

We want people to have the self-belief that in a moment of need, they can act to help save someone’s life. 

Everyone needs to watch this short film and learn CPR – it takes less than two minutes.

Be confident to intervene and give it a go - you can’t make things any worse, instead, you could bring someone’s heart back to life.” 

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