Guidance: Anaphylaxis

On this page, you’ll find a selection of resources relating to anaphylaxis.

Clinical information

Emergency treatment of anaphylactic reactions- Guidelines for healthcare providers: This set of guidelines, slides and posters will provide guidance to healthcare providers who are expected to deal with an anaphylactic reaction.

Vaccination-specific anaphylaxis guidance: This guidance has been produced to support the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination and is specifically designed to manage anaphylaxis in the vaccination setting. For all other anaphylaxis treatment guidance, please continue to use ‘Emergency treatment of anaphylactic reactions- Guidelines for healthcare providers’.


Anaphylaxis presentation: This slide set describes the incidence, recognition and treatment of anaphylaxis. It is intended for general training use by healthcare providers in a clinical environment and should be used in conjunction with the more detailed guidance contained in the document ‘Emergency treatment of anaphylaxis: Guidelines for healthcare providers’.

Anaphylaxis algorithms: Download our algorithm for anaphylaxis and our algorithm for refractory anaphylaxis.

FAQs: We’ve compiled answers to your frequently asked questions on anaphylaxis.

Peri-operative anaphylaxis
This section is for anaesthetists and intensivists who would be expected to manage anaphylaxis in the peri-operative setting only.

  • Algorithm: Download our algorithm for the management of peri-operative anaphylaxis.

  • Read the guidelines for the ‘Emergency treatment of peri-operative anaphylaxis: Resuscitation Council UK algorithm for anaesthetists’ here.

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