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Defib Dani animation

A short animation featuring cartoon character Defib Dani, who walks you through the simple steps to using a defibrillator, giving people the confidence to use a defibrillator during a cardiac arrest.

Equip your workforce with the skills to save a life

Learn CPR skills in the workplace with e-Lifesaver, Resuscitation Council UK’s innovative digital training tool.

ReSPECT around the UK

See where the ReSPECT care and treatment process is in place around the UK, including your local area.


Tick_stroke RCUK seeks ALS instructors to support European Society of Cardiology Congress

Resuscitation Council UK is organising a group of London-based Advanced Life Support (ALS) instructor volunteers who would be prepared to teach ALS and Basic Life Support (BLS) scenario workshops during the conference.


Tick_stroke Survivors Quality Standard: call for feedback

We are asking for your views on our draft document 'Survivors Quality Standard: meeting the care and rehabilitation needs of cardiac arrest survivors and their key supporters'.


Tick_stroke King’s College London seeks participants for a research study on young cardiac arrest responders

Researchers at King's College London are looking to talk to a range of young people who were 11-18 years old when they tried to help someone having a cardiac arrest by pressing down on their chest or using a heart restarter machine (defibrillator).