Basic Life Support Instructor Course (BLSi)

Group of people watching CPR demonstration on manikin

Why choose BLSi? 

With 80% of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests happening at home, it is crucial that BLS Instructors receive appropriate training to teach lifesaving skills to as many people as possible. 

This is why Resuscitation Council UK (RCUK) has created the innovative Basic Life Support Instructor course (BLSi) to provide a national standard for the delivery of BLS training. If you are trained in BLS and keen to share your knowledge with others, this course is ideal for you.

By taking this course you can access the latest research and science underpinning resuscitation practice, as well as optimise your skills to teach with confidence, in a way that is inclusive and accessible for all. 
Who is BLSi for?

BLSi is aimed at those who are already trained in Basic Life Support (including First Aid Instructors, First Aiders, and Emergency Services workers) who would like to train others in BLS. The course is open to both new and existing BLS trainers.  
How does it work?

This is an online course that uses scenario-based video demonstrations that are led by expert Instructors. To ensure an inclusive and meaningful session is provided, there is guidance and resources to assist with planning and best teaching techniques.  
The course contains 7 modules, including:
·      The science behind BLS
·      Planning and delivering your session
·      FAQ’s and myth-busting
·      Equipment and resources
·      Ethical and legal considerations
·      Delivering inclusive BLS training
·      Neurodiversity and specific learning
What happens next?

Once you have finished the course, you will gain a certificate of completion that lasts for three years and you will be given access to the course materials throughout the three years of your certification. In order to maintain an in-date certificate, RCUK recommends that the learner should retake the course every three years to update and maintain their skills and knowledge.  
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Frequently Asked Questions

The BLSi course is an online course consisting of seven e-learning modules. The course can be completed at the learner’s own pace, and there is no deadline for completion. Access to the modules will expire three years after purchase. 

Yes, the BLSi course covers how to teach individuals the core skills required to save a life. It uses the current national guidelines and includes additional information about the paediatric modifications recommended for rescuers attending a child suffering a sudden cardiac arrest.  

Those individuals completing the BLSi will gain a certificate, valid for three years which can be displayed when running your CPR sessions. 

Independent Instructors providing BLS courses may issue certificates of attendance indicating that the learner has successfully completed the course; however, this does not constitute a licence to practise or confer competence. 

We do not provide certificate templates for BLS courses. Resuscitation Council UK can only certificate courses provided by the organisation.  

Certificates cannot be issued with the RCUK logo. 

The RCUK logo is copyrighted and cannot be used in association with non-RCUK courses.

Yes, the BLSi course will equip you to deliver inclusive and interactive Basic Life Support sessions. Additional resources for teaching in schools are also available here.

Professionals seeking CPD points should self-accredit their involvement on the basis of one CPD credit per hour and submit their request, accompanied by a written reflection, to their awarding body/Royal College. 

Currently, the only licenses are available for individuals at £75, however discounts and other multiple license packages are being discussed. Please keep an eye on our website for further information. 

Resuscitation Council UK does not currently provide BLS courses. 

Basic Life Support Courses are offered by the voluntary aid societies and voluntary rescue organisations, some ambulance trusts, and private training organisations. Whilst there is no prescriptive course programme, these organisations should be teaching to the Quality Standards for community training. 

Yes, you are eligible for the BLSi course. BLSi is open to those who wish to teach Basic Life Support (BLS) to deliver effective, confidence-inspiring and inclusive teaching to a high standard. The course is open to new, existing and experienced BLS trainers.  

Learners wishing to undertake the BLS Instructor course should be familiar with the BLS algorithm and the RCUK Quality Standards for CPR and AED training in the community.

We strongly recommend you are trained in Basic Life Support before undertaking the course. 

There are no statutory legal provisions in the UK relating to the practice of resuscitation or defibrillation, but both the users of AEDs and those who provide training in their use have obligations under common law.  

Resuscitation Council UK recommends that those who train others should be able to demonstrate competency in CPR and the use of an AED. Therefore we strongly recommend you are trained in basic life support before undertaking the BLSi course which covers how to teach the core skills required to save a life. 

Resuscitation Council UK does not currently accredit BLS courses.