Image of a student practicing CPR

Tick_stroke King’s College London seeks participants for a research study on young cardiac arrest responders

Researchers at King's College London are looking to talk to a range of young people who were 11-18 years old when they tried to help someone having a cardiac arrest by pressing down on their chest or using a heart restarter machine (defibrillator).


CPR training on mannikin

Tick_stroke Resuscitation Council UK launches Community Grant Scheme to help increase survival rates across the UK

Resuscitation Council UK has launched a new Community Grant Scheme that aims to give everyone, everywhere an equal chance of surviving the ultimate medical emergency.

Press release

Red ECG on white background

Tick_stroke RCUK’s position on the use of suction-based airway clearance devices on choking individuals

With several airway clearance devices now available in the UK, Resuscitation Council UK outlines their stance on these devices. 


Excellence in Resuscitation Award winners 2024

Tick_stroke Resuscitation Council UK reveals winners of inaugural Excellence in Resuscitation Awards

RCUK announces the winners of the inaugural Excellence in Resuscitation Awards. Designed to honour resuscitation greats who devoted their lives and work to the field, the awards spotlight those currently continuing their legacies.