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Tick_stroke New data reveals decrease in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival rates in England

Recent findings from the Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Outcomes Registry, funded by Resuscitation Council UK and British Heart Foundation, reveal a decrease in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival rates in England. 


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Tick_stroke Resuscitation Council UK launches guidelines to help increase cardiac arrest survival rates amongst athletes

Resuscitation Council UK (RCUK) has launched new guidelines to help save lives across all community and professional sporting events.  

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Tick_stroke Winning ReSPECT abstracts announced

In June, Resuscitation Council UK invited their community to win a prize by submitting abstracts of work related to ReSPECT.  Congratulations to Dr. Naomi Taylor, Amanda Thorpe, Dr. Ross Smith, Dr. Deborah Box and Dr. Michelle Hills, and Petronelle Eastwick-Field whose abstracts have been selected as the winners.


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Tick_stroke ILCOR releases latest scientific statement, Top 10 steps to improve in-hospital cardiac arrest outcomes and care

To address a growing need to improve the quality standards for responding to an in-hospital cardiac arrest (IHCA), the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) has identified 10 steps that can lead to better patient outcomes and survival.