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Your support means everything to us -  because together, we can save lives.

There are a number of ways you can support Resuscitation Council UK’s crucial work. Whether you set up a regular donation, become a member or support one of our campaigns, you’ll be making a difference to people across the UK.

Here are some ways you can help:


By joining our community of Resuscitation Council UK members, you’ll help Resuscitation Council UK fund key projects. In return you’ll receive a range of membership benefits including a monthly papers of note notification, exclusive member discounts for RCUK events and discounted products in our shop.

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We welcome one-off, monthly and legacy donations. 

Your contributions will help us to fund lifesaving awareness campaigns and deliver innovative and exciting educational tools. 

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Helping us make a change

Our campaigns aim to increase awareness of resuscitation practice, whether that’s in or out of hospital. When you help us by participating in an event or signing a petition, your action will create positive change across communities.

Restart a Heart Day

Every year, we lead a fantastic group of organisations in delivering Restart a Heart Day, a campaign that encourages the public to learn CPR skills, so they are prepared to help in an emergency.

In 2019, 291,000 people were trained in CPR, and in 2020, we encouraged people to learn CPR online using a range of digital resources.

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CPR Right Now

A collapsed person is given CPR

Sudden cardiac arrests happen every day, many of them out of hospital. In the UK, just one in ten people survive.

One day, you might witness someone collapse and stop breathing in your home or when you’re out in public – and you could be the only person there who can help them. 

Reports show that during the COVID-19 pandemic, the chance of survival in many countries might have decreased further because fewer bystanders are intervening when they see someone that has collapsed and stopped breathing. 

We’re urging everyone in the UK to learn CPR right now. Because right now, even during the pandemic, there are people across this country who will need you to perform CPR if they have a cardiac arrest. 

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Join our community, and spread the word

We want everyone in the UK to feel the impact of our work – whether it’s as a member of the public who has learnt CPR through our learning tools, as someone who felt empowered to make a CPR decision because of ReSPECT, or if it’s as a healthcare professional who relies on our clinical guidance to deliver excellence at work.

You can help us make that impact by encouraging others to join us on our mission to save lives, and by sharing our social media posts to help us raise awareness.

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