A photo of Amirah

Tick_stroke Case Study: Amirah - "Doing something is better than doing nothing at all"

Amirah noticed that a young man had fallen off his bike and had sustained significant trauma to his head and body. Whilst the emergency services had already been contacted, it became apparent to Amirah that nobody had assessed Lee’s breathing or pulse. After checking for a pulse and assessing his breathing, she established Lee was in cardiac arrest.

Case study 21 September 2023

Photo of Zehra and her grandmother

Tick_stroke Case Study: Zehra - "The feeling of helplessness was so painful"

Despite maintaining an active lifestyle and engaging in daily activities without any complications, Zehra’s grandmother experienced a sudden cardiac arrest at home. After experiencing chest pains and wheezing very suddenly at around 11pm, her grandmother lost consciousness and, due to the absence of appropriate first aid measures, remained unresponsive.

Case study 24 August 2023

Three men standing outside in the rain, with a helicopter in the background

Tick_stroke RCUK launches new online resource to support responder wellbeing

In August 2023, we launched a new online resource called Responder Wellbeing to promote better wellbeing for responders.

04 August 2023

An infographic of a defibrillator against a red background

Tick_stroke Every state school in England given access to lifesaving defibrillators

Millions of children will now have access to lifesaving defibrillators in every state school in England, according to news from the Department for Education.

25 July 2023