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Tick_stroke RCUK position statement – alternative resuscitation courses

Resuscitation Council UK is the UK’s authoritative body for resuscitation standards and training and publication of the national Resuscitation Guidelines. RCUK’s courses are aligned with these guidelines to ensure they are up to date with the best evidence-based clinical and teaching practices. 

Statements 13 April 2023

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Tick_stroke "Why you should become involved in more than the “24/7 of the day job"" - An opinion piece by Alan Williams, Registered Nurse

"Whilst it's not possible to predict the future, you can shape your future. Having a plan will provide a direction, whether this continues the way you originally envisaged or alters in the light of your experience."

Case study 10 March 2023

Picture of Benjamin Culff - survivor of cardiac arrest

Tick_stroke Case Study: Benjamin - "If you can set up an iPhone, you can set up a defib"

When 17-year-old Benjamin Culff went to work on 13 August 2017, he wasn’t expecting to wake up in hospital. Were it not for the quick thinking of his work colleagues, he might not have woken up at all.

Case study 02 March 2023

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Tick_stroke RCUK Policy Briefing: ReSPECT (Recommended Summary Plan for Emergency Care and Treatment) adoption in the UK

RCUK has published a position paper setting out the importance of the ReSPECT process in emergency care and treatment planning, and RCUK’s key recommendations on ReSPECT for the four nations.

Policy briefing 02 March 2023