Emergency treatment of anaphylactic reactions: Guidelines for healthcare providers


This document provides guidance for healthcare providers who are expected to deal with an anaphylactic reaction. It describes the recognition and treatment of an anaphylactic reaction including the delivery of drugs for treatment. 

This document has been annotated to highlight those areas which are covered by the latest clinical guidance from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) [NICE Clinical Guideline 134, December 2011]. These annotations are listed at the bottom of the bookmarks panel for the document. Each annotation in the body of the document is a link to CG134 on the NICE website. The review date of 2013 has been extended to 2017. 

The document is in Adobe PDF format. It is 50 pages long, and approximately 473KB in size. 

The PDF file includes bookmarks and links to various external sources for further information. 

Download: Emergency treatment of anaphylactic reactions – guidelines 

Slide set 

This slide set describes the incidence, recognition and treatment of anaphylactic reactions. 

It is intended for general training use by healthcare providers in a clinical environment and should be used in conjunction with the more detailed guidance contained in the document Emergency Treatment of Anaphylactic Reactions. 

The slide set is in Adobe PDF format. It will open in full screen mode and is suitable for projection in a classroom environment if required. 

To move forwards and backwards between slides use either the forward and back arrow keys on the keyboard, or the left (forward) and right (back) mouse buttons. To exit full screen mode (for example to end the presentation) use the Escape key. 

Download: Emergency treatment of anaphylactic reactions - slide set 

January 2008, Annotated July 2012 with links to NICE guidance 


Anaphylaxis algorithm (PDF)

Anaphylactic reactions - Initial treatment (PDF)