Anaphylaxis guidance for vaccination settings

RCUK’s expert anaphylaxis group has published the anaphylaxis guidelines for 2021. In light of the current mass vaccination programme we have provided updated information for use in any vaccination setting to give clear guidance to healthcare professionals involved. We have also produced a poster of the algorithm for the management of anaphylaxis in the vaccination setting.

On 10 August 2021, we published an additional guidance document for those vaccination clinics where children will be vaccinated.

Anaphylaxis following vaccination is rare, occurring at less than 1 per million doses for vaccines in the UK. COVID-19 vaccines are new, so it is uncertain if the risk of anaphylaxis is higher compared to other vaccines.

We are encouraging centres providing the COVID-19 vaccination to follow this guidance which we have written in collaboration with the British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Public Health England and the Royal College of General Practitioners. 

This page was first published 15 December 2020.
Updated 4 January 2021.
Updated 10 August 2021.