Get connected to The Circuit

Resuscitation Council UK is proud to partner with the British Heart Foundation, St John Ambulance and the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives on The Circuit.

The Circuit is a BHF-led defibrillator network that will allow ambulance call handlers to quickly direct people to their nearest defibrillator in an emergency. To ensure that more defibrillator locations are known to the ambulance services, it’s important that defibrillators are signed up to The Circuit.

If you’re a defibrillator guardian – someone who looks after a community defibrillator – we're asking you to urgently connect your defib to The Circuit. It couldn’t be easier to do so – simply head to and click ‘register your defibrillator’. For those who manage multiple defibrillators, you can register up to ten using your Circuit Guardian account, and your Ambulance Service can help you if you need to extend the number of defibrillators you need to register.

Not only will The Circuit help members of the public access your defibrillator in an emergency, but it will also send you upkeep notifications to help you ensure your defib is always ready for use.

Sue Hampshire, Director of Clinical and Service Development for RCUK and Co-Chair of the National Advisory Board for The Circuit, said:

“Quick access to a defibrillator, and having the confidence to use one, could make the difference in an emergency. When you register details of your defibrillator, including the location and availability, to The Circuit, it allows the local ambulance service to direct people towards their nearest one when they call 999. It’s a fantastic way to make sure your lifesaving device can be used if someone collapses and stops breathing.

“We are proud to support The Circuit and encourage all defibrillator guardians to register their defibrillator today.”

To learn more about the Circuit and register your defibrillator, head to To learn more about defibrillators, visit our defibrillators page.