RCUK response to RCN’s findings on gendered construction of value within the nursing profession

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Resuscitation Council UK is disappointed that outdated gender constructs still find themselves affecting the value of some of the most vital roles in the NHS and in society.  

Recently released findings from the Royal College of Nursing state that ‘despite the skills, qualifications, and experience that nursing staff accrue throughout their careers, they are not rewarded for this economically. The factors at play and reasons for this are that there is a gender construct around nursing, coupled with longstanding misconceptions surrounding the complexities of the role and the crucial part nursing staff play within health care teams.’  

We recognise the Royal College of Nursing’s role in shining a light on this important topic.

Nurses play a vital role within the Chain of Survival; recognising and preventing cardiac arrest, leading or undertaking designated roles within the cardiac arrest team, and managing patients throughout the post resuscitation period. Within the wider resuscitation community they teach life-saving courses, create the guidelines that form resuscitation practice, and influence local policy. It is more important than ever that their tremendous contributions are recognised and that they are valued accordingly.  

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