RCUK welcome the appointment of new RCUK President Prof Andy Lockey 

We’re pleased to announce that Prof Andy Lockey became President of Resuscitation Council UK today (2 December). 

Prof Andy Lockey has been a key part of RCUK since 1993, when he became an ALS Instructor, going on to join the ALS Subcommittee as a doctor-in-training representative in 1998.  

He became RCUK’s Vice-President in 2018 Prior to becoming Vice-President, Andy held the post of Honorary Secretary, during which he led a whole-scale review of the membership structure for RCUK. He is a vocal advocate for training all children in CPR and defibrillator awareness.   

On becoming president of RCUK, Prof Lockey said: 

“Resuscitation Council UK has been part of my professional life for nearly 30 years, having first become an ALS instructor in the early 1990s. It is an organisation that has always felt inclusive and welcoming, as well as one that has demonstrably improved patient outcomes through its work.  

“I aim to build upon the strong legacy created by my predecessors and hope that we can further identify and tackle areas of health inequality in cardiac resuscitation.” 

We welcome the appointment of Prof Andrew Lockey, and are exceptionally grateful to our outgoing President, Prof Jonathan Wyllie. 

Prof Wyllie became RCUK President in November 2017 and provided unwavering leadership and guidance during what was one of the most challenging periods of time for a health and care charity. The pandemic brought unprecedented difficulty for all of us. He worked tirelessly with his RCUK peers to ensure robust guidance was produced and that the lives of both healthcare professionals and patients were protected during this crisis.  

Prof Wyllie also oversaw the growth of the organisation, as well as the transition into a new brand and a new look for RCUK, and played a key role in the 2021 cycle of Guidelines.  

We are endlessly grateful for the work done by Prof Wyllie. We welcome him to his new role as Vice-President of the organisation and look forward to his continued contributions to RCUK and the wider world of resuscitation. 

RCUK CEO, Dr James Cant said of Prof Wyllie:  

“Jonathan has done a fantastic job in steering us into a new phase for RCUK.  

“He is warm, friendly, and generous with his time and knowledge. His passion for developing resuscitation guidance and education has driven our work and allowed us to support healthcare professionals and members of the public, particularly during the pandemic. 

“Jonathan has helped us reach more people than ever before, and we couldn’t be more thankful. We welcome him to his new role as Vice-President and know he’ll continue to make an impact at RCUK in the years to come.” 

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