Guidelines: Contributors and conflict of interest

All information accurate as of 2015.  

 Name and position 


Declared interest 

Jerry Nolan 
RCUK Executive Committee member, Research and Development Subcommittee Chair 

Consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine 
Royal United Hospital, 
Honorary Professor of Resuscitation Medicine 
University of Bristol 

Editor-in-Chief, Resuscitation (paid honorarium) 
Vice Chair, European Resuscitation Council (ERC) 
Chair, National Cardiac Arrest Audit Steering Group 
Council Member, Royal College of Anaesthetists 
Council Member, Royal College of Emergency Medicine 
Co-editor, 2015 International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) Consensus on CPR Science 
Partner in Circle Health (minor share-holding) 
Grant recipient from NIHR for studies on CPR 

Jasmeet Soar 
Chair RC UK Guidelines 2015 Working Group, 
RCUK Executive Committee member, ILS Subcommittee Chair 

Consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine 
Southmead Hospital 
North Bristol NHS Trust, Bristol 

Editor, Resuscitation (paid honorarium) 
Chair, ERC Executive advanced life support (ALS) working group 
Co-chair, ILCOR ALS Taskforce 

Sean Ainsworth 
RCUK NLS Subcommittee member 

Consultant Neonatologist 
Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy 


Robert Bingham 
RCUK Executive Committee member, EPLS Subcommittee member 

Consultant Paediatric Anaesthetist 
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust, London 

Unpaid work for ERC and ILCOR 
Vice Chair, ERC Paediatric committee 
Reviewer for Resuscitation 
Chair, Professional Standards Committee APAGBI 

Simon Brown 

General Practitioner 
Sandhurst, Berkshire 
Assistant Medical Director 
South Central Ambulance Service 

Chairman, Clinical Governance Directorate of BASICS 
Secretary, BASICS Thames Valley 
Chairman, JRCALC/AACE UK Ambulance Service 
Clinical Practice Guidelines development Group 

Ian Bullock 
RCUK ALS Subcommittee member 

Interim Chief Executive Officer 
Royal College of Physicians, London 


Mick Colquhoun 
RCUK Executive Committee member, BLS Subcommittee Chair 

Resuscitation Council UK, London 


Robin Davies 
RCUK ALS Subcommittee member 

Trainee Advanced Clinical Practitioner in Acute Medicine 
Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, Birmingham 

Reviewer for Resuscitation Journal 
Unpaid work for ERC Congress Scientific/Organising Committees 

Charles D. Deakin 
RCUK Executive Committee member 

Consultant in Cardiac Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Southampton General Hospital, Southampton 
Professor of Resuscitation and Prehospital Emergency Medicine 
University of Southampton 
Divisional Medical Director 
South Central Ambulance Service 

Vice Chair, ALS Working Group , ERC 
Immediate past Co-Chair, ALS, ILCOR 
Adult resuscitation lead JRCALC 
Chair, Medical Committee, RNLI 
Honorary Civilian Consultant Advisor in Prehospital Emergency Medicine to the British Army 
Honorary Chair, University of Southampton 
Visiting Chair, University of Surrey 
Director, Prometheus Medical Ltd 
Consulting Fees for Smiths Medical (ad hoc) 
Research grants from RC UK 
Research grants from NIHR 

Carl Gwinnutt 
RCUK President, Executive Committee member, ALS  Subcommittee member 

Emeritus Consultant 
Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust 
Resuscitation Council UK, London 

Reviewer for Resuscitation Journal 

Tony Handley 
RC UK Executive Committee member, BLS Subcommittee member 

Resuscitation Council UK, London 

Director and Treasurer, Board Member, ERC 
Vice-chairman, ERC BLS/AED working group 
Member, ERC BLS/AED International Course Committee 
Chief Medical Adviser, Royal Life Saving Society UK 
Honorary Medical Officer, Irish Water Safety 
Member, Medical Committee, International Life Saving Federation 
Honorary Medical Adviser, International Life Saving Federation of Europe 
Consultant Adviser on CPR/AED Provision & Training: 

  • British Airways; 

  • Places for People management 

Fiona Jewkes 
RCUK Paediatric Subcommittee member 

General Practitioner (retired) 
Resuscitation Council UK, London 

Board member of the Faculty of Prehospital Care of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. 

Sarah Kippax 
RCUK Patient Advisory Group member 

Lay member 
Resuscitation Council UK, London 


Andrew Lockey 
RC UK Honorary Secretary, ALS  Subcommittee member 

Consultant in Emergency Medicine and Director of Medical Education 
Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust 

Medical Advisor to ‘First on Scene’ First Aid company 

Vice Chair, ERC Working Group for Education 

Member of the ERC ALS and GIC International Course Committee 

David Lockey 

Consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine 
Southmead Hospital 
North Bristol NHS Trust, Bristol 
London's Air Ambulance 
Honorary Professor University of Bristol & Visiting Professor University of Stavanger. 

Vice Chair, Faculty of Prehospital Care, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh 
Director, EMSC Ltd, Clinical Governance provider 
Chairman, Intercollegiate Board for Training in Prehospital Emergency Medicine 

Richard Lyon 
RCUK Executive Committee member 

Consultant in Emergency Medicine 
Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh 
Clinical Lead & Director of Research 
Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance 
Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer 
University of Edinburgh 

Consultancy: Physio Control, Prometheus Medical, Zoll Medical 
Research grants: Chest, Heart, Stroke, Scotland; Royal College Emergency Medicine  
Medical Director for Prometheus AlphaMed 

Kevin Mackie 
RCUK Executive Committee member 

Lead Educator 
Resuscitation Council UK, London 

Director, KCM Training Ltd 
Patron, Defence Medical Welfare Service 

Ian Maconochie 
RCUK Executive Committee member, Paediatric Subcommittee Chair 

Consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine 
St Mary’s Hospital – Imperial College Healthcare, London 

ILCOR Co-Chair, Paediatrics 
Officer for Clinical Standards, Royal College of Paediatrics 
President, Paediatric section of EnSEM 
Charity Trustee, TRAUMACARE 
Medical advisor to a small company dealing with major incident equipment. 
Medical advisor to a newly founded small company to produce media material on national guidelines (no re-numeration to date). 
Independent medical advisor to Youth Justice Board 
Honoraria for EMJ 

Sarah Mitchell 
RCUK Executive Director 

Resuscitation Council UK, London 


Fionna Moore 
RCUK Executive Committee member 

Chief Executive and Consultant in Prehospital Care 
London Ambulance Service NHS Trust, 

Medical Director, Location Medical Services 
Advisor to the Toxic Shock Syndrome Information Service (unpaid) 

Gavin Perkins 
RCUK Executive Committee member, ALS Subcommittee Chair 

Professor of Critical Care Medicine 
University of Warwick, Coventry 
Honorary Consultant Physician, 
Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust 

Editor, Resuscitation 
Grant recipient from NIHR for studies on CPR and ALS 
Director, Research ICS 
Co-Chair, ILCOR 
Co-Chair, BLS/AED ILCOR Task Force 
Medical Advisor, RLSS (UK) 
ERC course committees 
Medical Advisor, “Qualsafe Ltd" 

David Pitcher 
RCUK Vice President, Executive Committee member, ALS Subcommittee member 

Consultant Cardiologist (retired) 
Resuscitation Council UK, London 

BHF Advisory Board for the PAD database project 
Advisory Board of PRSB 
NHS Pathways National Clinical Governance Group 

Sophie Skellett 
RCUK Executive Committee member, EPALS Subcommittee Chair 

Consultant in Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care 
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust, London 

Deputy Chair, Resuscitation Section, ESPNIC 

Christopher Smith 
RCUK Executive Committee Trainee member, BLS Subcommittee member 

Honorary Clinical Research Fellow 
Clinical Trials Unit 
University of Warwick, Coventry 

Reviewer for Resuscitation Journal 
Reviewer for Emergency Medicine Journal 

Gary Smith 
RCUK Executive Committee member 

Visiting Professor at the Bournemouth University 
Resuscitation Council UK, London 

At the time of the guidelines development my wife was a minority shareholder in The Learning Clinic (TLC) Ltd., the developer of VitalPAC (a clinical software system for identifying patient deterioration and escalating care. Professor Smith is an unpaid research advisor to TLC and has received reimbursement of travel expenses from TLC for attending symposia in the UK. 
Current Board Member and President-elect of International Society for Rapid Response Systems 
Unpaid member of the Board of Management of University of Portsmouth Centre for Healthcare Modelling and Informatics [CHMI] (CHMI is involved in research on early warning scores) (June 2014-15). 
Member of a research group (University of Southampton, University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust) with an NiHR grant (NIHR HS&DR 13/114/17) to study ‘Nurse staffing levels, missed vital signs observations and mortality in hospital wards: modelling the consequences and costs of variations in nurse staffing and skill mix.’ (June 2014-15). 
Expert advisor to National Institute for Clinical and Health Excellence (NICE) and Guideline Development Group on “Acutely ill patients in hospital. Recognition of and response to acute illness in adults in hospital” (2006-7). Guidelines currently under review. 
Member of Royal College of Physicians of London National Early Warning Score (NEWS) Development and Implementation Group (NEWSDIG) (2008 onwards) Guidelines currently under review. 

Michael Smyth 

Research Fellow 
University of Warwick, Coventry 
Critical Care Paramedic 
Midlands Air Ambulance, Dudley 

Working Group member, ERC BLS/AED 
Task force member, ILCOR BLS/AED 

Rob Tinnion 
RCUK NLS Subcommittee member 

Consultant Neonatologist 
James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough 


Mark Whitbread 

Director of Paramedic Education 
London Ambulance Service NHS Trust, London 

Honoraria Physio Control UK 

Jonathan Wyllie 
RCUK Executive Committee member, NLS Subcommittee Chair 

Consultant Neonatologist 
Clinical Director of Neonatology 
James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough 

No personal financial COI 
No Intellectual COI 
NLS ICC chair for ERC 
Neonatal ILCOR co-chair 
NLS, APLS, POET, MOET lead neonatal author