Guidance: CPR Training Resources


Resuscitation Council UK’s CPR training tool Lifesaver is the perfect way to learn essential CPR skills. Lifesaver is a free interactive game where you learn CPR and find out what it’s like to be a saviour in an emergency.

Available on your browser or as an iPhone and Android app, Lifesaver is a cutting-edge way to learn lifesaving skills anytime, anywhere. Through four action-packed scenarios, you’ll be thrown into the heart of the action as you make the crucial decisions and learn the essential skills needed to save a life.

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Other training resources

There are a number of organisations that deliver CPR training, ranging from charities and voluntary ambulance services to private companies. The following charities provide CPR training:

This list is not exhaustive. Some doctors, nurses, resuscitation officers, community defibrillation officers, paramedics, statutory ambulance service trainers, and other individuals such as accredited first aid trainers also provide this training. Resuscitation Council UK recommends that those who train others in CPR and the use of AEDs should be appropriately qualified.