1. Fast-acting bystander saves life with CPR

    Learning CPR gave Peter the skills and confidence to save a life four years later. Now, he's urging others to learn CPR right now, and be prepared to use your CPR skills in an emergency.

  2. ‘Learn CPR right now’ urge Resuscitation Council UK, highlighting updated CPR guidance for COVID-19

    We're encouraging the public to give people their best chance of survival by learning skills in CPR right now, citing recent studies that show how fewer people have performed bystander CPR during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  3. CPR Right Now

    CPR Right Now Sudden cardiac arrests happen every day, many … there who can help them.  Reports show that during the COVID-19 pandemic, the chance of survival in many countries … CPR if they have a cardiac arrest.  Performing CPR during COVID-19  RCUK’s short animation video shows you the steps …

  4. Training Courses

    Resuscitation training courses for healthcare professionals, focussing on Immediate and Advanced Life Support for the newborn, paediatrics and adults.

  5. RCUK discusses the importance of defibrillators in Scottish Parliament

    On a visit to the Scottish Parliament, RCUK provided evidence surrounding Public Access Defibrillators in response to a recent petition. 

  6. Quality Standards: Acute care equipment and drug lists

    Adult and paediatric equipment and drug lists for use in an acute setting.

  7. CPR in Schools

    At RCUK, we believe that everyone should learn the skills to save a life. Schools offer a great environment for young people to learn and we have created a lesson plan to help you teach your students with confidence.

    We have created resources that will help teachers to deliver CPR education confidently to their students wherever they live in the UK at any time during the school year. If you’re looking for a suitable moment, Restart a Heart Day takes place every year on 16 October.

  8. Resuscitation Council UK introduces version 3 of ReSPECT form

    Following feedback from professionals, patients and their families, Resuscitation Council UK has improved the ReSPECT (Recommended Summary Plan for Emergency Care and Treatment) process which supports conversations about care in a future emergency. Version 3 of the ReSPECT form is even more patient-centred than previous versions and contains more prompts for explicit clinical reasoning.

  9. NHS Long Term Plan: What does it mean for Resuscitation Council UK?

    A look at the NHS Long Term Plan, and how it impacts our work in resuscitation training, research and guidelines. 

  10. RCUK’s policy on the use of airway clearance devices on choking victims

    With several airway clearance devices now available in the UK, Resuscitation Council UK outlines their stance on these devices.