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Resuscitation Council UK offer a range of courses designed to train healthcare professionals and Instructors in best resuscitation practice across adult, paediatric and newborn life support. 

By taking a Resuscitation Council UK course, you and your employer can be assured that you have the most up-to-date knowledge, and the confidence and practical skills to put that knowledge into action. 

Our courses offer many additional benefits, such as CPD eligibility and an ability to use your skills in other countries, with many course certificates being recognised across the EU and in Australia. 

Sign up for a course today and find out why countless healthcare professionals across the UK choose to strengthen their skills with a Resuscitation Council UK course. 

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Adult life support

ALS: 2 Day Course (Advanced Life Support) Course

Take a two-day ALS course, learning essential skills in Advanced Life Support.

e-ALS (Advanced Life Support) Course

Learn ALS at your own pace, with 1 day of e-learning and one day of face-to-face skill-building and simulations.

ALS: Modular (Advanced Life Support) Course

Modular ALS courses are run over multiple, short day sessions for increased flexibility.

ALS: Recertification (Advanced Life Support) Course

If it’s been 4 years since you last became ALS-qualified, refresh your advanced life support skills with a recertification course.

ILS (Immediate Life Support) Course

Spend a day learning core skills in Immediate Life Support through lectures and hands-on workshops.

e-ILS (Immediate Life Support e-learning) Course

The flexible way to learn Immediate Life Support. e-ILS combines half a day of e-learning with half a day of face-to-face practical skills development and simulations.

ILS Recertification (Immediate Life Support) Course

If it’s been a year since your last ILS course, recertify with our specially designed half-day ILS course.

FEEL (Focused Echocardiography in Emergency Life Support) Course

FEEL is a specialist course that teaches healthcare professionals skills when using echocardiography and ultrasound in the critically ill patient. 

Paediatric life support

EPALS (European Paediatric Advanced Life Support) Course

European Paediatric Advanced Life Support is ideal for professionals who require more advanced skills in supporting infants and children in emergency situations and cardiac arrest.

PILS (Paediatric Immediate Life Support) Course

If you need skills in Immediate Life Support that are tailored to be used with infants and children, PILS (Paediatric Immediate Life Support) is an excellent option.

PILS Recertification (Paediatric Immediate Life Support) Course

If your PILS certification is set to expire, take our half-day PILS recertification course.

Newborn life support

NLS (Newborn Life Support) Course

Develop your practical and theoretical skills in newborn life support with our NLS course.  

ARNI (Advanced Resuscitation of the Newborn Infant) Course

Our Advanced Resuscitation of the Newborn Infant course offers advanced training to those who require more advanced skills than on the NLS course.

Instructor courses

GIC (Generic Instructor Course)

The Generic Instructor Course trains healthcare professionals so they can provide Resuscitation Council UK courses in ALS, NLS and more. 

ILSi (Immediate Life Support Instructor Course)

This Instructor course is specially designed for healthcare professionals who have been referred as a possible future Instructor in ILS for Resuscitation Council UK.

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