Information for Instructors

People learn life support skills

Instructor resources on the LMS

Course materials are updated in response to changes in practice, NICE guidelines and research. RCUK recommends that Instructors access the course materials on the LMS prior to teaching on a course.

Your Instructor status

Your LMS profile records the information regarding your Instructor status including:

  • Your teaching history: all courses you attended and the capacity in which you attended.
  • Your certificate: you can download your current Instructor certificate(s) including the date of expiry.

IPs and ICs

IPs are encouraged to attend a Generic Instructor Course (GIC) as soon as possible so that you can make the most of your recent experience of the course.

If you are an IC, you can find a relevant course on which to undertake your teaching practices by heading to our course pages and browsing available courses. There are limited IC places on courses as it is important to ensure you receive appropriate mentorship. 

Be sure to identify yourself as an IC when requesting a place on the faculty. When preparing for the course, please familiarise yourself with the course materials and take your GIC logbook with you.

Finding centres that require faculty

You can search for upcoming courses by heading to one of our course pages and browsing available courses. You must contact the Centre(s) directly to request a place on their faculty. All arrangements, including programmes, start and finish times, travel directions, accommodation and faculty meals (if appropriate) will be managed by the Centre.


Head over to our support system, where you’ll find the answers to our course-related frequently asked questions.