CPR charity encourages people to act immediately when someone collapses following Christian Eriksen incident

Charity Resuscitation Council UK is urging members of the public to learn how to perform CPR after international footballer Christian Eriksen collapsed on the pitch during Denmark’s match today.
Fans and spectators witnessed Eriksen suddenly collapse during the game. As soon as his fellow footballers realised he needed help, they alerted the referee, and medical assistance arrived quickly. Those attending to him quickly started cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and used a defibrillator. According to reports Eriksen is now conscious in hospital.
Eriksen’s life was undoubtedly saved due to the speed in which the chain of survival was initiated. The steps of the chain of survival are:

  • early recognition and call for help
  • performing CPR
  • using a defibrillator
  • post-resuscitation care.

Following what happened, CPR charity Resuscitation Council UK is urging the public to learn what to do if someone collapses and stops breathing.
They are encouraging people to watch their short animation, which demonstrates how to perform CPR during the COVID-19 pandemic. People can also learn the skills to save a life through their interactive game-in-a-film, Lifesaver.
Sue Hampshire, Director of Clinical and Service Development at Resuscitation Council UK, said,
“We wish Christian Eriksen all the best as he continues to recover from his experience.
“Without the swift actions of those on the pitch, the medical staff who treated him, and the hospital staff who took/are taking care of him, the outcome might have been very different.
“We’re asking everyone to learn CPR, and act quickly in an emergency, to ensure everyone in need has the same chance of survival as Christian Eriksen did this Saturday.
“Learning CPR couldn’t be easier. Learn this valuable skill at resus.org.uk/watch so you have the confidence to act in an emergency.
“There are also free training resources available from sports charity UK Coaching, which provide the skills to restart a heart. You can access those at: https://www.ukcoaching.org/sca
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