How Resuscitation Council UK helps hospitals meet their training and governance needs

RCUK has produced ‘Supporting your delivery of high-quality and safe resuscitation services: How Resuscitation Council UK helps you meet your hospital’s training and governance needs’. 

This new digital resource sets out the ways that RCUK courses help hospitals to meet risk management and workforce requirements and help ensure the provision of high-quality resuscitation services to give patients the best possible chance of survival.

It provides valuable information that Course Centres can use during discussions to ensure resuscitation training is given a high priority as services are planned and reintroduced.

Benefits of RCUK courses

Our courses:

  • save lives: benefitting patients and the NHS  
  • support NHS policy initiatives
  • are quality assured and based on NICE accredited Guidelines
  • meet curriculum requirements
  • are ‘passportable’ across Europe
  • contribute to Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

You can read more about the benefits of RCUK courses in this short flyer.

Dr James Cant, CEO of Resuscitation Council UK said:

“Training across the NHS was inevitably and significantly impacted during the height of the pandemic, but we’re hugely encouraged by the number of RCUK courses and candidates that are beginning to re-emerge. 

We have stood side by side with the NHS over recent months, rapidly providing COVID guidance on resuscitation based on existing science, pivoting our training at the start of the pandemic by creating bespoke online resuscitation training for those returning to the NHS in Nightingale Hospitals and committing to provide our e-Lifesaver online module free to all NHS organisations for 6 months to enable non-clinical staff to gain basic CPR skills.  

We’re committed to working in partnership with our NHS colleagues to ensure that resuscitation training continues to be delivered under the ‘new normal’ conditions in which we will all now operate. We ask that hospital leadership teams support their colleagues to deliver resuscitation training to ensure that they have the flexible and skilled workforce that is key to giving their patients the best chance of survival.” 

RCUK has also produced Tops Tips for Course Centres to help centres plan and deliver courses safely during the pandemic.