Graphic explaining 291,645 people learned CPR during Restart a Heart 2019

Tick_stroke Restart a Heart 2019 campaign sees over 291,000 people trained in life-saving CPR

Record numbers were trained during Restart a Heart 2019, when charities and ambulance services came together to teach the public skills that could save lives.

News 15 November 2019

Red ECG on white background

Tick_stroke Statement on End-Tidal CO2 Monitoring – ‘No trace, wrong place’

An important update for health professionals who require clarity on end-tidal CO2 monitoring

Statement 15 November 2019

Children learning CPR

Tick_stroke Charities urge public to learn CPR as research shows adults unlikely to attempt CPR without training

A new study by Resuscitation Council UK and St John Ambulance shows that people who haven’t had CPR training are less likely to help someone who’s collapsed, highlighting the importance of training events such as Restart a Heart.

Press Release 16 October 2019

A group of survivors and lifesavers share their stories

Tick_stroke These people want you to learn how to #RestartaHeart

In honour of Restart a Heart 2019, six survivors, lifesavers and loved ones come together to share their story.

Case study 16 October 2019