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The Generic Instructor Course (GIC) is a standardised national course teaching the principles of adult learning and is a joint collaboration between the Resuscitation Council (UK) and the Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG). A revised course  including an e-learning component was launched in 2014.

Each year, on average, 70 courses are held and 900 healthcare professionals are trained to become Instructors.

Who is eligible to attend this course? 
Only candidates who have been recommended as having instructor potential (IP) from their provider course (e.g. ALS, NLS, APLS, MIMMS) can attend the GIC. The GIC must be undertaken within four years from the date of the provider course.  

Learning outcomes
The GIC teaches the knowledge and skills required to:

  • understand the nature of teaching and learning;
  • understand the needs of individual learners;
  • understand the awareness of the four domains of learning;
  • undertake the various types of teaching sessions on the provider courses.

GICs are held at centres throughout the UK and are approved and certified by the Resuscitation Council (UK) or ALSG. This ensures uniformity of content and standard regardless of the centre.

The course is the equivalent to a 3-day course, one day of which consists of a number of eLearning modules which must be completed prior to the two day face-to-face element of the course. 

All candidates will be registered on the GIC Learning Management System (LMS) regardless of their provider course type to access the pre-course modules, teaching materials, course evaluation and post course certificate.  

The course programme consists of a lecture and practical sessions covering all teaching modalities required to teach the provider courses.

Assessment and Certification
Continuous assessment occurs throughout the GIC, with constructive feedback provided by the teaching faculty. Following successful completion of the GIC, candidates are required to teach on two provider courses as an Instructor Candidate (IC) within two years of the date of the GIC. Once the two IC placements have been successfully completed, a full instructor certificate is awarded.

To maintain instructor status on a provider course, the instructor is required to teach on a minimum of three courses every two years. Recertification of instructor status on provider courses is undertaken every four years and takes place during a course on which the instructor is teaching. 

The GIC is recognised for up to 15 continuing professional development (CPD) points.

Pre-course preparation
Candidates must access the GIC LMS and complete the eLearning modules prior to the face-to- face element of the GIC. Access to the materials required to prepare teaching sessions are also located on the LMS. Teaching sessions must be prepared prior to the course. Candidates will also receive a copy of the course manual at least four weeks prior to the course and are expected to read this prior to course attendance.



Generic Instructor Courses are held throughout the year at centres across the UK. To apply, candidates must have IP status. Candidates will be sent information regarding how to access the GIC LMS where they can access the current course lists and contact individual course centres for application details.

Course fees are decided locally by the course centre; the Resuscitation Council (UK) and ALSG only charges the course centre £22 per candidate registration and £15 per manual.

For further information on any aspect of the course, please contact the GIC Co-ordinator at


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