Adult Life Support Training

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ALS: 2 Day Course (Advanced Life Support) Course

Take a two-day ALS course, learning essential skills in Advanced Life Support.

e-ALS (Advanced Life Support) Course

Learn ALS at your own pace, with 1 day of e-learning and one day of face-to-face skill-building and simulations.

ALS: Modular (Advanced Life Support) Course

Modular ALS courses are run over multiple, short day sessions for increased flexibility.

ALS: Recertification (Advanced Life Support) Course

If it’s been 4 years since you last became ALS-qualified, refresh your advanced life support skills with a recertification course.

ILS (Immediate Life Support) Course

Spend a day learning core skills in Immediate Life Support through lectures and hands-on workshops.

e-ILS (Immediate Life Support e-learning) Course

The flexible way to learn Immediate Life Support. e-ILS combines half a day of e-learning with half a day of face-to-face practical skills development and simulations.

ILS Recertification (Immediate Life Support) Course

If it’s been a year since your last ILS course, recertify with our specially designed half-day ILS course.

FEEL (Focused Echocardiography in Emergency Life Support) Course

FEEL is a specialist course that teaches healthcare professionals skills when using echocardiography and ultrasound in the critically ill patient. 

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