CPR Right Now


Sudden cardiac arrests happen every day, many of them out of hospital. In the UK, just one in ten people survive.


One day, you might witness someone collapse and stop breathing in your home or when you’re out in public – and you could be the only person there who can help them. 

Reports show that during the COVID-19 pandemic, the chance of survival in many countries might have decreased further because fewer bystanders are intervening when they see someone that has collapsed and stopped breathing.2 

We’re urging everyone in the UK to learn CPR right now. Because right now, even during the pandemic, there are people across this country who will need you to perform CPR if they have a cardiac arrest. 

Performing CPR during COVID-19 

RCUK’s short animation video shows you the steps you can take to save a life while reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission. 

It includes amended steps to performing CPR, including not putting your ear or cheek close to the person’s face, placing a cloth or towel over the person’s mouth or nose before starting compressions, and doing chest compressions without mouth-to-mouth. 

Share this animation with your friends and family to save a life

This video is available with four different accent voiceovers:

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‘CPR shouldn’t be something to fear’, says CPR rescuer Peter Costello, who used his CPR skills to save a stranger’s life in 2019. He wants you to learn CPR right now, so you're prepared to help in an emergency. Read Peter's story

Daisy Ridley in Lifesaver

Lifesaver learning

Put your CPR knowledge into practice – immerse yourself in the heart of the action with Lifesaver, our interactive CPR learning tool. 

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