Resuscitation Council UK launches a free baby and child CPR book which will help save children’s lives 

Resuscitation Council UK (RCUK) has produced a baby and child CPR book called Aaron’s Heart to help parents and caregivers learn the basics of CPR for babies and children. 

A survey of 1,000 parents and caregivers found just 15 per cent feel they would know if their child was in cardiac arrest, and as a result 89 per cent would welcome more help and information on baby and child CPR.

There was also widespread confusion as to how often a defibrillator is needed for kids, ranging from 23 per cent saying often, 9 per cent saying always, while only 4 per cent said never. However, using a defibrillator for children is rarely needed. 

James Cant, CEO at RCUK, said: “Cardiac arrest in babies and children is not common, however it can happen, for example through drowning or swallowing a small item, like a button battery.

“So, it’s still crucial for parents, caregivers, and anyone who interacts with children to know what to do in an emergency and help save a child’s life.”

Further findings revealed that two-thirds rely heavily on books to help them in the first few months of parenthood.

But 46 per cent don’t know of any resources which give them information on what to do if their child was choking on a small object.  

Cardiac arrest in children will usually be as a result of a severe medical illness, such as sepsis, or asthma, and less often as a result of injury, trauma or an accident, for example, ingesting a button battery leading to choking or drowning and burns. 

It emerged when it came to their child’s safety, 62 per cent worried the most about knowing what to do if their child was in a life-threatening emergency and unresponsive, ahead of what they watch and listen to (46 per cent).  

Yet just 27 per cent are confident in being able to recognise when they would need to get medical advice if their child is sick.
And only 34 per cent of parents have warned their child about the dangers of drowning. 

James Cant added: “The book not only teaches you how to react in the first few critical moments of cardiac arrest in a baby or child, but also deals with information to reduce the risks of accidents, injuries, and trauma in children, which are the most common cause of a cardiac arrest. 

“You’ll also discover what to do if you suspect a child is seriously unwell, and what the signs of cardiac arrest in children are. 

“We’ve made this book free, so that as many parents and caregivers as possible have the confidence to know what to do in an emergency.”

Request a free copy of Aaron’s Heart now.

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Notes to editor

  1. The research for Resuscitation Council was carried out online by OnePoll throughout 20.06.2023 - 27.06.2023 amongst a panel resulting in 1,000 UK parents and caregivers of children 0-6 responding.
  2. Resuscitation Council UK is saving lives by developing guidelines, influencing policy, delivering courses and supporting cutting-edge research. Through education, training and research, we’re working towards the day when everyone in the country has the skills they need to save a life.