Graphic of someone performing CPR

Tick_stroke ‘Learn CPR right now’ urge Resuscitation Council UK, highlighting updated CPR guidance for COVID-19

We're encouraging the public to give people their best chance of survival by learning skills in CPR right now, citing recent studies that show how fewer people have performed bystander CPR during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Press release 03 September 2020

Peter Costello

Tick_stroke Fast-acting bystander saves life with CPR

Learning CPR gave Peter the skills and confidence to save a life. He's urging others to learn CPR right now, and be prepared to perform CPR in an emergency.

Case study 03 September 2020


Tick_stroke RCUK responds to new report on the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the UK’s nursing and residential homes

A recent report by the Queen's Nursing Institute provides insight into the effects of COVID-19 in a number of areas for those working in the nursing and residential home sector.

Statements 24 August 2020

A normal heartbeat ECG

Tick_stroke RCUK Statement on COVID-19 Guidance for Bystander CPR

It remains important to attempt CPR if someone at home or in a public setting collapses and stops breathing or stops breathing normally (i.e. goes into cardiac arrest), while still keeping bystander rescuers as safe as possible. RCUK explains what to do to stay safe in an emergency.

Statements 14 August 2020