Lifesaver VR

Lifesaver VR
Step inside, save a life.
Lifesaver VR is an innovative and immersive live-action virtual reality training tool; it throws you into the heart of the action as three young people are faced with a life-or-death situation. You control their movements as you make crucial decisions and learn essential life-saving skills.

Lifesaver VR is suitable for everyone, but is especially designed to help young people gain skills and the confidence to use them.

30,000 people each year in the UK have an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest where the ambulance services attempt resuscitation - and less than 10% of those people will survive. Yet, if a bystander starts CPR they could double a person's chances of survival.

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Headsets: You will need a virtual reality or 'VR' headset in order to play Lifesaver VR. Purchase your VR headsets in our shop.

The Resuscitation Council (UK) has combined forces with award-winning production company UNIT9, to develop Lifesaver VR, a revolutionary new way to learn CPR. It was written and directed by BAFTA award-winner Martin Percy.

Lifesaver VR is the latest innovation in the Lifesaver family of educational life-saving apps. The original Lifesaver was launched in May 2013 and contains three further scenarios, including a choking scenario.

Lifesaver VR
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