Resuscitation Council (UK)


Become a Membership

We welcome membership applications from registered healthcare providers and from individuals who have a specific interest in the practice of resuscitation to properly reflect the multidisciplinary approach to the activities of the Resuscitation Council (UK). We offer two types of membership; Full and Associate.

Full membership

Full  membership is open to all UK registered healthcare providers with a professional registration (including retired UK healthcare providers who were previously registered) with demonstrable interest in the clinical practice of resuscitation, resuscitation training or resuscitation research. More information...

Associate membership

Application for associate membership is open to individuals with an interest in resuscitation, resuscitation training, drugs or equipment used in resuscitation, or resuscitation research, both in and outside of the UK.

 More information...

Further information

Membership is only offered on an individual basis and is not available to corporate bodies, companies or such groups. Membership does not imply any recognition of expertise and must not be used to imply such – for example by using membership as a qualification. It is not permitted to use membership of the Council or the Council’s logo on personal stationary or promotional material.

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