RCUK releases free baby and child CPR book, Aaron’s Heart

As part of our mission to teach everyone the skills to save a life, we’ve launched a new baby and child CPR book, which is available to order now for free. 

Aaron's heart

It's uncommon for babies and children to suffer a cardiac arrest, but if they do, it's crucial that whoever's with them knows how to perform CPR.  

Our recent survey showed that of 1,000 parents with children aged six and under, only 15% said they would know if their child was having a cardiac arrest, while 89% said they’d welcome more help and information on baby and child CPR.  

That’s why we’ve created Aaron’s Heart, which is an accessible, friendly guide which outlines step-by-step how to perform lifesaving CPR on babies aged 0-12 months and children aged 1-18.

It also covers ways to prevent accidents and injuries in children which can cause a cardiac arrest, like drowning and choking, plus emergency symptoms that could require urgent medical attention, such as trouble breathing.  

Dan, a former Guisborough RAF medic who lost his son to cardiac arrest said: “It’s so important that everyone knows how to correctly perform CPR on people of all ages, as it varies vastly between an adult, child, and a baby.” 

As well as covering the lifesaving steps for child and baby CPR, the free book also features the fictional story of a young boy named Aaron and his mother, and how she saved his life when he went into cardiac arrest. It’s designed for parents, carers, extended family members, schools, and anyone who regularly spends time with children. 

“Cardiac arrest in babies and children is not common. However, it can happen through drowning or swallowing a small item like a button battery – so it’s still crucial for parents, caregivers, and anyone who interacts with children to know what to do in an emergency and help save a child’s life,” says James Cant, RCUK’s CEO. 

“We’ve made this book free, so that as many parents and caregivers as possible have the confidence to know what to do in an emergency. You can request a copy on our website now.” 

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