Resuscitation Council UK attends parliamentary evidence session on Cardiac Arrest Survivorship

On Wednesday 22 February, the Resuscitation Council UK (RCUK) was pleased to attend a parliamentary evidence session on Cardiac Arrest Survivorship, hosted by the APPG on Defibrillators.

The meeting took place in a Westminster Hall committee room, with attendance from parliamentarians across the House of Commons and Lords. The session provided a forum for parliamentary discussion on the many issues surrounding sudden cardiac arrest survivorship.

A diverse team of people sitting around a wooden table at the evidence session

We heard powerful testimonies from cardiac arrest survivors, who spoke about their challenging individual and family experiences, and the significant barriers to recovery and quality of life post-arrest. They highlighted the absence of a formal care pathway for post cardiac arrest care across the UK.

RCUK has published a position paper setting out why we believe everyone affected by involvement in a cardiac arrest across the UK must have access to appropriate, ongoing, personalised support.

Resuscitation Council UK’s CEO James Cant recognises that currently, there is no minimum level of follow up applied equally across the UK, meaning that many patients are missing out on vital services helping them to a fully recover.

“Survivors of Cardiac Arrest require a system of care which is multi-disciplinary and does not end when the patient leaves the hospital. Everyone affected by Cardiac Arrest has a right to recovery and rehabilitation, which we know is a key element of improving quality of life after cardiac arrest.”
James Cant, CEO of Resuscitation Council UK

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