RCUK encourages comments on 2021 Joint British Societies' Guidelines on the management of cardiac arrest in the catheter laboratory 

Nine British societies involved in the care of cardiology patients, including Resuscitation Council UK, have developed the world’s first comprehensive guideline on the management of cardiac arrest in the catheter laboratory.

The guideline is open now for detailed feedback from all potential users of the guideline.

It was developed following full literature reviews of all areas, and the guideline development group spent 6 months discussing the most important areas. They then performed a full Delphi Consensus process in order to gain group consensus on the current document. 

The guideline document, as well as the papers, minutes, and discussions by the group and the feedback form for comments can all be found on the BHRS website: https://bhrs.com/joint-society-guidelines/

The consultation is open until 30 September 2021. After this date, the guideline development group will consider all feedback and proposals before agreeing a final guideline, which we will share once published.
If you're a potential user of this guideline, provide your feedback today.