1. Donations

    By donating to RCUK, you're helping us on our mission to save lives by increasing education and awareness in resuscitation.

  2. Quality standards: Mental health inpatient care equipment and drug lists

    Adult and paediatric equipment and drug lists for use in mental health inpatient care settings.

  3. Quality Standards: Community hospitals care equipment and drug lists

    Adult and paediatric equipment and drug lists for use in community hospital care settings.

  4. ‘Kids Save Lives’ Statement Endorsed by WHO

    The World Health Organisation have endorsed the ‘Kids Save Lives’ statement produced by the European Resuscitation Council.

  5. Statement on the PARAMEDIC2 Study

    RCUK welcomes NIHR’s PARAMEDIC2 study, which may influence resuscitation practice for years to come. 

  6. Statement on keeping resuscitation drugs locked away

    In light of enquiries regarding equipment and whether drugs should be locked away, Resuscitation Council UK offers advice on how drugs should be kept in a resuscitation trolley. 

  7. The Quick-Thinking Constable

    A cardiac arrest was the last thing Constable John Price thought he’d witness on his shift – but when he did, he took steps to save a life. 

  8. RCUK’s statement on the Ansell-Austin case

    Resuscitation Council UK responds to the Ansell-Austin case and discusses how health professionals should act in a cardiac arrest.

  9. Resuscitation Council UK’s statement on cough CPR

    Resuscitation Council UK fact-check ‘Cough CPR’ posts that have been circulating online.

  10. Resuscitation Council UK endorses GoodSAM app

    RCUK supports the GoodSAM app, which allows healthcare professionals and members of the public trained in CPR to respond to out-of-hospital emergencies.