1. Lifesaver learning

    Resuscitation Council UK’s interactive training tool Lifesaver is a cutting-edge way to learn lifesaving skills anytime, anywhere. 

  2. Workplace

  3. Groups

  4. ALS: 2 Day Course (Advanced Life Support)

    Take a two day Advanced Life Support to learn essential skills in resuscitation.

  5. ALS: Modular (Advanced Life Support)

    Modular ALS courses are run over multiple, short day sessions for increased flexibility.

  6. e-ALS (Advanced Life Support)

    Resuscitation Council UK’s e-ALS course blends a day of e-learning with a day of face-to-face practical learning.

  7. Paediatric Life Support

    Resuscitation Council UK's range of training courses in paediatric immediate and advanced life support.

  8. e-ILS (Immediate Life Support e-learning)

    e-ILS is a flexible way of learning skills in Immediate Life Support, and blends e-learning with face-to-face workshops.

  9. ILS (Immediate Life Support)

    Spend a day learning core skills in Immediate Life Support through lectures and hands-on workshops.

  10. Running Courses