1. Public Consultation for UK LVAD Emergency Guidelines

    … Transplant Centres LVAD Working Group present the draft UK guideline on management of emergencies in implantable LVAD …

  2. Where in the UK has adopted the ReSPECT process?

  3. Case Study: Susan - "CPR training helped save my husband’s life"

    … my husband’s life" In May 2022, in Kings Cross, London, 24 hours before a flight to Italy, Susan’s husband, John, had a … waiting room, filled to capacity. They waited for about 7 hours to see John, until they were called in. Susan said: “It …

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  5. Young life saved with quick CPR

    Sam Mangoro was just 16 when he suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. Thanks to the quick action of those around him, he survived. Now, he shares his story to encourage others to become CPR and AED aware.

  6. Make defibs accessible 24/7 to help increase survival rates across the UK, say national resus experts

  7. RCUK raise awareness of the urgent need for a rehabilitation plan for survivors of cardiac arrest at Westminster event

    … Campaigns Officer on 0207 388 4678 or email . Tue, 20/06/2023 Notes Powerful case studies …

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