1. Resuscitation Council UK responds to concerns over DNR/DNACPR orders

    Resuscitation Council UK has released a response to concerns over DNR / DNACPR orders.

  2. Case Study: Charlotte - 'Cardiac arrests happen to patients, not to Nurses'

    On Boxing Day 2017, Charlotte’s world came crashing down when she suffered a cardiac arrest. Her incredible engineer husband performed eight minutes of CPR on Charlotte. This was the week of her 41st birthday, and she had no previous cardiac history. 

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  4. Case Study: Dave Cleland

    On Saturday Feb 13, 2021, Dave had a heart attack and a week later he went into a state of cardiac arrest – the ultimate medical emergency – his heart had stopped beating.  

  5. Case Study: Asad - 'From the football pitch to an eight day coma in a matter of hours'

    It was the day after another routine run for 40-year-old Asad Kayani on his training plan for the Half Marathon in Birmingham. Having completed marathons previously, the challenge for this one was completing on a fast in the Holy month of Ramadan.  

  6. Research and Development

    Resuscitation Council UK funds and supports resuscitation research projects across the UK. Learn more about the grants we provide to those researching resuscitation topics.

  7. RCUK and GoodSAM partner to train and alert the public to provide lifesaving resuscitation to neighbours in cardiac arrest

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  9. RCUK’s position on the use of suction-based airway clearance devices on choking individuals

    With several airway clearance devices now available in the UK, Resuscitation Council UK outlines their stance on these devices. 

  10. RCUK selects UK team to compete in the European Resuscitation Council Congress 2023 CPR competition